Forever Django

Yessss, I’ve found another giant tutorial that I am so excited about & have heard such good things about. How to Tango with Django! Hooray! Gonna go through it, lesson by lesson, just like LPTHW. I’ve already gone through the official Django Project tutorial a handful of times and have gotten a lot out of it, and I did another one that I’m not crazy about but that explained something that hadn’t been clear.

Oh, and the job? The job is great. I’m orchestrating a bunch of independent projects that all need to come together at the same time, and it’s pretty great to be the one pulling so many of the strings.

Aaahh aaaahhh aaaaaaahhhh I have to go, I will write my first entry on this soon!

EDIT: So I got to page 6! It’s awesome. But I’m going to move on anyway. More in the next post!


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