Edits to Beachmeals and more with Rinance

I am working on several projects right now, namely a new version of beachmeals as well as two new versions altogether of rinance, a personal finance program fitted to python (pynance already exists, and of course – what a cute name).

Beachmeals is probably where it’s going to stay until I talk some more with a mentor friend of mine, but Rinance is presenting a pretty good challenge to me. The first version, well, it just doesn’t work, ha ha! Looking back I’m not at all happy with what I was trying, there. So a weekish ago, I started over and it’s just top to bottom with a handful of conditionals, in the fixinto branch. Notice the to-do list at the top! The distribution of funds goes ok, but I still can’t quite figure out the importing of the file, turning them all into variables & manipulating them. No hints please! I know it is an easy answer & I’m still working on it 🙂

Because the to-do list in the fixinto branch is enormous, I started a whole new file – I wasn’t happy with the “functional” look of the fixinto branch, so, ha ha! I started over again! this objectish branch now contains a program map and the first piece of that is in there & complete. To get started, the program asks the user if the money'll be going in or out & then sends the user to the appropriate function based on their response. Easy-peasy, coming along!


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