Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m an operations engineer in Portland, OR. The start of this blog was originally long-form commentary on a few learning utilities like Learn Python the Hard Way and a codecademy javascript class, but that’s been many years now. In the last few years my posting has been more sporadic, but as always, I’d like to do much more.

I was one of the organizers of the Portland chapter of PyLadies, an international group of women Python coders, and I also chaired (with a group of six) a small Python conference here in Portland called PyDX, which has morphed into the wonderful PyCascadia (though I’m not involved).  For the past few years I’ve been helping with SeaGL, or Seattle GNU/Linux, a wonderful open source & community conference in Seattle, Washington, remote in 2020 and probably 2021. Now I try to write and speak for operations conferences and sites, and think about how I can get better at my job which I love, where I’ve been since October 2016.

You can reach me on the blog or at hello@rkode.com.


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