Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m a software-and-etc engineer in Portland, OR. The start of this blog was largely long-form commentary on Learn Python the Hard Way, which I did after learning Python 3 so that I could have just as much facility with Python 2. In the last few years my posting has been more sporadic, but as always, I’d like to do much more.

I’m a Python dev with some ops love, and I try to hang out in the terminal as much as possible. I’m one of the organizers of the Portland chapter of PyLadies, an international group of women Python coders, and I also chair (with a group of six) a Python conference here in Portland. Be jealous, y’all – we have got the most amazing community of folks here in town and there are beautiful institutions being built.

You can reach me on the blog or at rkellyalso @gmail.


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